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by Antality Jewelry May 06, 2021 2 min read

It's that time of the year for you when you decide to take out all your jewelry and place them properly because let's be real here, they are all jumbled up in one another, and you can't find the right piece for any outfit.

Well, thank heavens you landed right here because I'm going to tell you what is the right way to store and pack your jewelry so that the shine always remains like new. Let's get right into it.

1. Classify Your Jewelry Separately As Per Metal Type

Once all your accessories are out, separate them by the kind of metals they are composed by. Make a separate pile for metal, silver, sterling, and so on.
When different kinds of metals come in contact, they end up damaging and tarnishing each other. Also, separation will help you remember where you kept what when you need it.

2. Clean Your Jewelry Properly Before Packing It

Just separation will not do the trick; the next thing you need to do is clean your jewelry. Now, all metals are cleaned in different ways.

For some, you might need just water, some would need lukewarm water and dish soap solution, and the others would be just fine with a bit of toothbrush brushing action.

When cleaning, make sure you aren't too harsh on these delicate pieces as they might break or get damaged. So yeah, jewelry separation should be done when you are in a pleasant mood.

3. Airtight Containers Can Do Wonders

Almost all of us lose the box or pouch that the jewelry came in. If that's the case with you, too, then using airtight containers is the best option. This is because this way, your jewelry stays away from any unnecessary Moisture and, Air.

Constant exposure to oxygen and excessive water will tarnish your jewelry in an instant, and they will turn up black.

4. Bubble Wraps

If you have any jewelry that is too delicate and you are afraid it might get damaged with the weight of other boxes and containers, then use bubble wrap to secure it.

Trust me; a bubble wrap works wonders with jewelry. It won't let any moisture reach it and keep it from breaking if any weight is put on top.

How to Protect Your Everyday or Plastic-Based Jewelry?

Any jewelry that is not metal is relatively easier to store, and they are mostly worn every day by women. Some of them might be rings and bracelets.

To store your everyday jewelry properly, you can find airtight jewelry boxes and a ring tray or any tray that looks beautiful and comparable with your dresser.

Keep your little everyday jewelry in that box and place it on your dresser and your rings on that dish, so you can choose among them when getting ready. It's easier to pick for everyday outfits when everything's in front of you, right?


No matter how we work to store jewelry, it always gets messed up, so it's essential to keep a check and balance.

These storage tips above will help you a lot and work wonders with your jewelry. So say CIAO to old, rusted, and tarnished jewels because your deserve to shine!

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