5 Classic Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own!

As a matter of fact, a woman will never get tired of buying enough jewelry items. However, what she owns can tell a lot about her personality. To be precise, the jewelry can be made distinct in two categories- classic and modern-day jewelry items. Modern-day means they are in trend today and gone tomorrow. The former, however, means it will stay in fashion forever. No matter how much time changes. Such type is considered an investment than splurging.
As we speak of sterling silver jewelry, then there are a lot of options a woman can choose from. However, what matters the most is that she has classic pieces that can be worn with anything and anywhere.

5- Must-Have Classic Pieces of Jewelry Items!

 Here is a list of timeless sterling silver items that you as a woman should own.

1.    Classic Brooch

 ANTALITY Flower Brooches - Natural Crystal Brooch - 925 Sterling Silver - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

There are once-lifetime things that can be worn and styled for a specific event. On the other hand, timeless items can be styled, worn, and carried in multiple ways without anyone noticing. Also, not to forget, they look good with everything. One such sterling silver brooch from Antality is Natural Crystal Brooch. It comes in two colors, and this delicate piece of ornament can be worn anywhere with anything. Going fancy or keeping it lowkey will go with the look either way.

2.    Delicate Bracelet

 Elegant Lotus Buds Bracelet - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

They say less is more. Similarly, a fine bracelet can display utter sheer and grace. Be it a woman of any age, a lovely bracelet always complements the looks. At Antality, we have a comprehensive collection of delicate bracelets for you to choose from. One such is the Elegant Lotus Buds Bracelet.

3.    Stud Earrings

 Antality Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Natural Shell Pearl Beads Stud Earrings For Women Wedding Party Jewelry - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

There is no doubt that statement earrings are much hyped and looks oh-so-good. But can we just take out a moment and appreciate the grace and decency a pair of studs can reflect? It's unmatchable. From our 925 sterling silver jewelry collection, you can opt for Silver Natural Shell Pearl Beads studs.

4.    Stone Rings

Natural Labradorite Moonlight Mysterious Lake Ring - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

Gemstone rings are everyone’s favorite. And despite the color of the gemstone, they go with each and every outfit. Keeping the classic collection in mind, we at Antality have several 925 sterling silver gemstone rings for all the women out there. We have Natural Labradorite Moonlight Mysterious Lake Ring and Natural Stone Candy House ring. Both of them come in two different colors and at such affordable prices.

5.    Something Pearly 

Rainbow Cloud Pearl Stud Earrings - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

It’s impossible that we talk about the timeless collection of women's jewelry and not mention about the pearls. Among the range of 925 sterling silver jewelry that we offer, you can opt for Rainbow cloud pearl studs or Wind Chime Pendant.

Antality- Choose from Classics or Current!

 The sole purpose of the brand’s existence is to provide our customers with classic and fashionable 925 sterling silver jewelry at affordable prices.
If you want to update your classic collection of sterling silver, then visit our website and shop right away! click here to shop on our website www.antality.com!

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