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by Antality Jewelry September 29, 2020 2 min read

Jewelry is undoubtedly a girl's best friend, and we are assuming it's yours too. One can never have enough of the jewelry pieces to calm the shopaholic soul. But does that mean you end up buying the whole jewelry shop? Of Course not!

It's the eye for the special ornaments that are either classic or attention-grabbing that you would rather spend on. And yes, handmade jewelry is always a bonus point for the ladies and the girls because they are unique on their own.

So why not just talk about some of the winsome handmade jewelry items you need to get your hands down.

1. Minimalist Lotus Flower Ring

A ring is the most dignified piece of accessory one can own. This lotus flower ring made with sterling silver is the right choice you can go with. The silver ring with the gold plated ring band makes it the absolute choice to splurge on.

Big, heavy, and bold rings might follow the trend for some time, but its classic ring that can go with every outfit you wear. It's unlike the other rings that might interrupt you to practice the daily chores as well. You cannot stay idle wearing a ring, after all.

Add this to your to-buy-list of 2020 right now, because you aren’t getting a ring this good in $58.

Aventurine Lotus Flower Adjustable Ring


2. Wild Rose Flower Stud Earrings

You can never go wrong with the simple yet ravishing studs. Yes, you heard that right, studs are a staple in the women's collection of ornaments. These $57 pairs of Wild Rose Flower Stud Earrings, available in two colors: gold and silver, can go with every outfit you wear from day to night to formal to informal occasions. You surely need to buy them.

Antality Wild Rose Flower Stud Earrings


3. Bird on Branch Adjustable Bangle

Afraid that you might end up getting the wrong size from an online jewelry brand since you can't try it on? That's where we at Antality have got you covered. This adjustable bracelet is just for you. This $80 ornament is not just a classy accessory to possess but also caters to your needs of size problems.

The two birds on the armlet will indeed catch some eyes in the room.

Antality Bird on Branch Adjustable Bangle


4. Wind Chime Pendant Necklace

Any other accessory piece cannot offer the finish a nice pendant necklace can bring to your outfit. Get the pendant alone, or with the chain; it will complement the outfit either way.

This nice delicate pendant necklace can add a lot more elegance to your personality. So grab it in $58 before anyone else does.

 Antality Wind Chime Pendant Necklace


5. Gold Bee and Dripping Honey Earring Set

Are you tired of boring get-ups? Maybe it's time to do something new. It's time to let your accessories do the talking.

Statement earrings are all the rage this year. Why don't you try it for yourself then?

A plain basic outfit with these bold Gold Bee and Dripping Honey earrings, you would definitely set the place on fire.

Gold Bee and Dripping Honey Earring Set



Trendy or timeless, you choose, but it's time you add some new silver string item to your collection.

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