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by Antality Jewelry July 09, 2021 3 min read

 Buying sterling silver jewelry is probably the best jewelry decision that you will make for yourself. Why? Because it's silver but better than silver! With 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, it's a perfect alloy that gives you durability and elegance combined.

The best part that I love about sterling silver jewelry is its customizable, mendable, and different, which makes it the trendiest and on-point metal.

If it can be shaped easily, you get to choose from a wide variety of trendy and unique shapes, not the standard hollow ones.

Talking about trendy sterling jewelry, I have a place in mind where you can find the best ones in town! Antality, a place where sterling jewelry resides only, and they make the best ones!

I have jotted down the five best trendy and beautiful pieces by them down below; check them out for more!

5 best sterling pieces by Antality

  1. Agate vintage cloud earrings.

The first one on my list is the Agate vintage cloud earrings. These beautiful mesmerizing pieces caught my attention at the first glimpse.

It's a round earring with a cloud and wave-like design made on it, all by sterling steel. It looks vintage, of course, and luxurious at the same time.

One other thing that struck me the most was the many colors these pieces are available in; you can choose whatever color you love!

  1. Aventurine flying swallow drop earring.

These 925 sterling silver earrings by Antality are one of my many favorites. The first thing that dazzled me was the beautiful hand-crafted design.

It's a drop-long earring with a circle transparent olive stud in the bottom. On that transparent circle palette, you will find a beautiful bird and leaves jotted in golden and silver.


The color palette, along with the design, is truly mind-blowing; it would go perfect on your formal pieces.

  1. Aventurine lotus flower adjustable ring.

The worst thing about ordering rings online was that they always sent the wrong size but not with this beautiful masterpiece by Antality.

This piece is a breathtaking lotus ring; yes, the design has a beautiful yellow and white lotus on it with a cyan turquoise gem on the other side.

The ring has an upper open design so that it can adjust on any finger, amazing, right?

  1. Blooming anemone flower dangle earrings.

Dangle earrings are so in fashion nowadays, but these pieces by Antality might blow up the town with a fashion flood when you wear them in your ears.

These hand-crafted dangle earrings are so unique, unlike many designs that I've laid my eyes on before.

There is a beautiful golden flower with mustard yellow sepals and a purple gem inside, and the details are breathtaking. It is followed by a thin golden dangle sterling silver line that will potentially fall beneath your ear. It's truly a treat to the eyes.

  1. Cat at home pendant necklace

Let's get a little funky for the last one; we love cats, don't we? Well, I guess Antality receives it.

This beautiful cat at the home pendant is designed like a box that shows a beautiful home-like environment.

It's perfect for kids and young people who like to go a little extra.

In the end,don't forget to have fun and experiment with your jewelry.

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