5 Statement Jewelry Pieces to Elevate Your Boring Look!

Do any women ever have a lot of clothes? No, all they say is, “I don’t have anything to wear.”
Well, that’s true because they want to look top-notch every single time without repeating the same look. Now, it's practically impossible to own tons and tones of clothes. However, there is a way of making your look stand out every time, even with the same clothes.
Want to know more? Keep on reading, and you will be able to find some really cool sterling silver accessory pieces to make your dull look into an exciting one!
At Antality, we have some unique pieces that will definitely help you make an impression.

1.   Brooch

ANTALITY Large Magnolia Flower Brooches - 925 Sterling Silver - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

Brooches can be a fantastic accessory to bring attention to your boring dress. Don’t know how to style a plain black knee-length dress? Pair it with our Large Mongolia Flower brooch. This sterling silver accessory comes in two colors- gold and silver. Trust us on this; both are equally eye-grabbing and will instantly elevate a dull look. Isn’t that what you need?

2.   Necklace

Gold Bee and Dripping Honey Pendant Necklace - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

When you are juggling between comfort and dressing nice for showing up at an event, you rely on a good necklace. Do you think a polo shirt with a basic pair of jeans would work fine for a brunch? Well, we think so if you pair it with our sterling silver Gold Bee and Dripping Pendant Necklace. Because its too cool and will eventually attenuate the whole look.

3.   Bracelet

 Ethnic Lotus Calla Bangle Bracelet - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

A casual look can easily be lifted up with the help of a lovely sterling silver bracelet. Sometimes, it’s the accessories that do the talking. Lately, it’s been a trend of wearing and rocking arm candies. Similarly, if you are someone looking out for some good bracelets, you should visit the Antality website. There, you can find all the gorgeous armlets that will complement your dull look and will instantly boost it. One such from our collection is Ethnic Lotus Calla Bangle. It shows for a statement to seek all the attention doesn’t have to be colorful. Sometimes it's plain yet shiny all the way, just like this bracelet.

4.   Earrings

Gold Bee and Dripping Honey Earring Set - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

Who doesn’t like big, bold earrings? Lately, asymmetrical earring is making all the waves. Do you know how anomaly always manages to grab everyone’s eyeballs? Similarly, they add drama to a boring outfit. If you are in search of something similar, then we have it for you- Gold Bee and Dripping earring set. Just the right accessory to drop all the jaws!

5.   Rings

ANTALITY  Luxury Butterfly Rings - 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry - Antality Handcrafted Handmade Unique Sterling Silver Art Jewelry

Rings undoubtedly play a major part in a women’s life. So why wear boring ones? When you can clearly choose from a whole new and exciting collection of Antality? Luxury Butterfly Ring in gold or silver can add a nice touchup for the entire look. It will not only to decent but put-together look. What else do you need?

If you want to elevate your boring look with some accessories then, click here to shop on our website www.antality.com!

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