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by Antality Jewelry September 29, 2020 2 min read

Silver jewelry is popular for its elegance that it brings that too at such affordable prices. Not to forget, sterling silver is known for its durability.

Considerations of a lot of factors are important before you go out and buy any jewelry. But, there are certain things you should know before investing in sterling silver jewelry. Some of those things for the silver jewelry are as follows.

Is the Silver Pure or Sterling?

You might be wondering why we need this, right. Well, because it is important to know. Silver jewelry can be in pure form too. But that isn't the right material for the desired quality of the ornaments. Pure silver alone is soft, making it difficult to work with for the jewelers and affects the durability of the accessory. Can you imagine bringing a silver jewelry piece home, and the next thing you find is that it's broken? Not literally, but still.

Sterling jewelry, whereas it is the mixture of other metal and pure silver, makes it durable and reduces the tarnish that jewels might get overtime.

Markings of 925 on the jewelry item would help you identify that this is what you were looking for.

Know Your Jeweler

A good jeweler is all you need—someone you can completely trust, blindly.

Good jewelers will always provide the authentic ornaments that you need. Some might trap you in their fall too. They might end up charging you high prices for an accessory that is not even made of sterling silver.

Antality is one brand you can trust without giving a second thought. We provide exclusive handmade sterling silver collections; what else do you need?

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Price Range

 Although sterling silver jewelry is pocket friendly in comparison to gold and diamonds, the price would always be the number one concern.

We at Antality particularly identified the market's need for good affordable prices; hence, we are offering them. No extra profits or additional profits.

Purchase from us won’t cost you much.


Is the Piece of Jewelry Timeless or Trendy?

A decision should be made before you sit on your laptop to order the jewelry. Make up your mind for what kind of accessory you are seeking.

The timeless classy piece that goes a long way? Or a trendy ornament that helps you stand out in the crowd. The choice will be yours.

After Purchase Maintenance

Ownership of stuff like jewelry, bags, or shoes isn't easy. They not only give you an initial buying splurge, they ask for your attention too. Yes, no joking on that.


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