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by Antality Jewelry October 31, 2020 3 min read

Who doesn't appreciate armlets? They aren't just an accessory but also boosts the elegance to the top-notch. But are you finding it difficult to grab some cool bracelets? Not to worry anymore, Antality has a delicate handmade sterling silver jewelry collection you surely do not want to miss out on.
  1. Natural Crystal Flower in the Rain Charm 

Flower in the rain bracelet
A fine piece of accessory that every woman must own! This $69 bracelet is available in two pleasing colors- white and pink. The crystal flower arm candy can go with every outfit you decide to wear, without any doubt.
  1. Vintage Classic Hollow out Lotus Flower

 Antality Vintage Classic Hollow out Lotus Flower Bracelet
A classic jewel accessory is in every woman's wish list. But have you been able to find one? If not, this vintage classic hollow out lotus flower bracelet is what you are looking for. This hollow crafted bracelet is timeless and a unique piece on its own. At $70 you can't go wrong with this one.
  1. Natural Aventurine Lotus Whisper Design 

Natural Aventurine Lotus Whisper Design Bracelet
A little color hurts nobody; in fact, it adds to the charm. This bracelet can be bought in the perfect pink crystal or green aventurine; the choice is yours. Both the colors will definitely stand out on your wrist. They can match all the colors of the outfit you decide to wear. This article is available for $73.
  1. Ethnic Lotus Calla Bangle 

Bracelets without locks can be difficult to order online since you cannot try it out. Well, this ethnic lotus calla bangle is the perfect fit for you if you find it hard to get an accurate size. It's an adjustable but equally beautiful and elegant accessory. This textured bangle can be yours too for $87.
  1. Natural Aventurine Vintage Plum Blossom Bead Bracelet

This is for the women who want their accessories to do the talking. A perfect statement armlet that will go with colored clothes can be carried with plain dresses. This multicolored bead bracelet is available in two sizes, too, at $99.
  1. Minimalist Lotus Flower Bangle
Looking for something for everyday wear! This is that. Minimal but decent will complement the wrist. Perfect for morning till evening! This $89 lotus flower bangle can be paired with the same ring and pair of earrings that are also available at Antality.
  1. Elegant Lotus Buds Bracelet

 Elegant Lotus Buds Bracelet
Women of all ages look for accessories that are subtle and graceful. This is for those girls and women who want to add a timeless accessory to their jewels collection. This hanging lotus bud on bracelet is available in three refreshing colors at $87.
  1. Natural Amber Vintage Cute Teapot

 Antality Natural Amber Vintage Cute Teapot Bracelet
Cute ornaments are for girls who prefer quirky stuff to wear. Natural amber vintage cute teapot bracelet are what you need to get your hands on. This $94 is available in two warm yet exciting colors that every girl would love to own. So are you ready to rock the next tea party with this bracelet on?
  1. Peas Pod Design Bangle

 Antality Pea Pods Design Bangle
Yet another fun and quirky bangle for girls to add to their collection! The peas pod band can be bought in golden or silver colors in the same design. This looks good in both the colors; maybe get them both? This is $85.


 Antality has a huge range of elegant and eccentric bracelets for women of all ages. What are you waiting for? Order yours now.

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