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by Antality Jewelry July 01, 2021 2 min read

Did you buy your favorite sterling silver ring, and you wore it to a party? On the way back you after taking the ring off, you realize that the area of your skin that the ring was on has now turned green; any idea how that might have happened?

Don't worry, it's not an infection, it doesn't mean your jewelry is fake, and it's sure not any chemical releasing from your fingers. This is natural when wearing sterling silver, and there are many ways that you could avoid it. But first, let's dive into it!

Why our fingers turn green when wearing sterling jewelry

Let's start from the beginning. Did you know that pure silver only comes in liquid form and makes it wearable? People have to bind it up and make it into an alloy metal; where everything starts?

The most common metal that silver is bonded with to make an alloy or a variant silver metal is copper. Now, copper is the reason here, not the silver, that your fingers might or might not turn into a shade of green.

You see, everybody has different bodies and habits, so maybe the jewelry reacts to you differently than it reacts to anybody else.

This depends on how much you sweat, what products you use on your hands, and your skin's chemical composition.

All of the above results in different reactions or shades of green.

Is there anything I could do to prevent my fingers from turning green?

Of course, whenever there is a problem, there is always a ton of solutions. You can look after many things if you don't want your fingers to turn green. Let's dive into them.

  1. Buy wisely

You are investing some amount of money or the other on your jewelry, then why take the risk of buying some low-quality jewelry? Always make sure you know the place you are buying from.

Pick someone trustworthy who sells the best sterling only, for example, ANTALITY. Sometimes copper won't do your hands any green damage, but the low quality of silver and jewelry composition would.

  1. Dry out

Any jewelry you are wearing should be worn on clean and dry skin, especially if it's sterling silver. Make sure you pat your hands dry after washing them or taking a shower.

Take off your ring when you are visiting the restroom. Also, never forget to leave your ring in your bag or somewhere safe if you are going for a dip in a pool, the chlorine will not give you an ugly green tint, but it will also damage your jewelry to the extent that it won't be repaired.

Also, don't forget to wait until your hand cream, moisturizer, or any other product dries out before you put your jewelry on.

  1. Try polymer barrier

It's a sort of applicator which you can get from any jewelry shop made especially for these sorts of occasions.

If you don't have that, then any clear nail polish would work temporarily too.


In the end, don't forget to take the essential measures and shine away with your exquisite sterling!

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