Sterling silver jewelry mistakes to avoid

Did you take out your long-forgotten steering silver jewelry, but it came out all rusted? Well, that is because you didn't store and maintain it the right way.

I admit, taking care of your sterling masterpiece can be a bit of a headache! We are all here for the shine and elegant look that it gives us and completes the look.

Now, most of the time, we make mistakes and do things that might be common and fine with other jewelry, but that doesn't mean your sterling would stand it too. You know why? Because sterling silver is one of a kind, and it requires extra care.

Also, different jewelry pieces come in various metals, and there is a distinctive way of looking after each one of them.

In this read, I will tell you what mistakes to avoid with your sterling jewelry for everlasting elegance and shine. Let's wait no more and dig in.

What not to do

  1. Wearing it every day

Nope, I don't mean that you can't wear the same piece of sterling studs every day; you may if you please, but in that case, you have to make sure that you are steady on maintaining it correctly.

Make sure you take them off when sleeping and clean them off regularly after taking them off. Not that, every once a week or two, rinse them off and brush them with a very light hand to get rid of any ear sweat accumulated.

Yep, sweat can accumulate, and you might have noticed it too when you take off your nose ring or earpieces. If you don't remove it, it might lead to infection and damage to the jewelry.

  1. If you are doing it, then do it right

Not cleaning the jewelry is much better than cleaning it roughly or without suitable measures. Now, you need proper instructions on how to clean different metals.

Toothpaste and bleach or coke don't work on jewelry as standard lousy DIY teach you. Find an authentic site, channel, and article about cleaning your sterling pieces and then working your way.

  1. Minimal water contact

Don't wear your sterling while taking a shower or planning on a dive into the pool. The first reason is that they can become loose. Secondly, they could accumulate rust and get damaged.

Not to forget about the pool chlorine, which can permanently damage your beautiful sterling's shine and glamour, and yes, sterling in contact with water can also leave a green tint on your skin.

  1. Improper storage

Typically it's okay to leave your jewelry on your dresser for days until it gets needed again, but the case is not the same with sterling.

If you leave it there, it will tarnish with contact with air and humidity or maybe water. The best way to store steering is in plastic and then maybe in a box but not a wood or velvet box; yep, plastic will do just fine. For more storage information, check out how you should store sterling jewelry.


In the end, make sure to have fun with your jewelry but don't put your money to waste by not looking after them.  

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