Sterling silver vs. stainless steel: what metal should you pick for Jewelry?

Some folks prefer silver over gold or any other sort of metal, and yes, guilty as charged, I'm one of them. But did you know silver-looking Jewelry has two kinds? Stainless steel and sterling silver?

Have you ever wondered what kind of silver would give you the best Jewelry, a type that has more shine, won't rust, and can keep it for longer? If not, then let me help you choose between sterling silver vs. stainless steel.

What are stainless steel and sterling silver?

To understand their dynamics and composition and what silver would be the best for your Jewelry, we must understand what both of these are, so let's dig in!

What is stainless steel?

You might have heard about stainless steel in cutlery or maybe medical equipment; yep, you got that right. Stainless steel has more practical purposes, but it's used for Jewelry too.

This is an alloy metal composed of various other metals to make a potent variant that is scratch resistant and won't damage in a long time.

What is sterling silver?

As we can call it, 925 silver or sterling silver is the best sort of silver. It's a pure element that consists of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals.

100% pure silver is excellent, but it's soft and not as durable; this is why this variant of silver was invented for better looking and long-lasting Jewelry.


Which one to choose?

While stainless steel and sterling silver might not look very different, you should keep in mind that they have very different compositions. This is why you must pick out the right according to your needs.

Let's talk about stainless steel jewelry first. You can pick this out easily by its name that any jewelry made out of this alloy metal will be durable and long-lasting as it's stainless. You will be able to wear it daily without any issue which involves a scratch etc.

However, things are pretty different when it comes to sterling silver. You see, it's good that your Jewelry is highly durable, but what about elegance and customization? This is something only sterling silver can offer you.

Not to forget that sterling silver is also almost all pure silver which means that it feels and looks much more valuable and pricey than stainless steel. Also, yes, the Jewelry made out of steeling silver is lightweight and delicate when it comes to look and feel compared to those made out of stainless steel.

Final Thoughts

Let me tell you what I think. You see, people nowadays, including us, aren't that fond of Jewelry, and there is no way we are wearing something sparkly for everyday use; we mostly keep it locked up for any occasion.

If I were you, I would go for sterling silver as it's much elegant and easy to mend into customizable designs. What about rusting? It won't rust if you keep it the right way; check out how I should store my sterling jewelry for a clearer and better perspective on 925 silver.


Till then, happy sparkling with your silver!

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