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by Antality Jewelry May 04, 2021 2 min read

Have you ever wondered why sterling jewelry is expensive as compared to any other fine or everyday jewelry? Well, I have an answer to your query.

Sterling jewelry is a little expensive because it's almost 93% real and pure silver; the rest, 7-8%, are other critical jewelry-making metals.

This sort of jewelry looks just like white gold, maybe, a little more luxurious. Sterling jewelry might be expensive, but it's defiantly a worthy buy; let me tell you why.

1. Sterling Jewelry is Life lasting

Yep, most jewelry is long-lasting, but a piece of Sterling jewelry will be life-lasting for you. They can last up to 40-50 years without a fade in color or even shine. But this can only be possible if you know how to keep and store it the right way.

2. Sterling Jewelry is Durable

I'm a sucker for delicate jewelry pieces, but the worst part about buying them is that they break eventually after some use.

But that won't happen with sterling jewelry. This is because it's incredibly durable and robust because of its powerful combination of mixed metals.

So it won't be wrong if I say that the price of a sterling jewelry piece will eventually pay itself off over the years.

3. It Never Goes Out of Trend

The trends of jewelry change more rapidly and drastically than any other component such as clothes, and it can be expensive and hectic to keep up with them.

But luckily, if you are a woman with some Sterling pieces in your closet, you won't ever be someone who doesn't keep up with fashion trends.
This is because sterling metal is forever in trend, sometimes the distinct color, any design, gems attach to it, etc. So why not invest in something that stays a forever trend?

4. A wide Variety

This is one other component that makes me fall in love with sterling jewelry, and that is that they have a wide variety of options available.

You can find any jewelry in exceptional designs and beautiful shapes if it falls under the category of sterling jewelry.

This is because sterling is almost silver, and it's the most accessible metal to mold because of its softness. No design can't be accomplished when made by sterling.

5. It Triggers No Allergies

Every die jewelry and artificial jewelry has a component metal that you might be allergic to but not sterling; for me, this is a game-changer because I used to get allergic, itchy, and red on every occasion, and it was embarrassing but no more.

6. Sterling Jewelry is Classy!

One of many reasons to invest in sterling metal jewelry is that it looks classy and breathtaking, it goes with every outfit, and it's easy to carry. What more can we possibly ask from an accessory?

Where to Buy It?

I'm sure that by now you must be very interested and invested in buying sterling jewelry, but where to buy it from?

You can get it from us; it makes sense, right? We love sterling so much, and we know about it, and that's a great deal.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection now and order away.

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